tools for baking
tools for baking

Importance of tools for baking

Tools play an important role in every profession. Same is with Baking. When I started baking, I was not aware of the most important tools for baking. I did not know what should I buy immediately and what can I wait for?

Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things – Neil Gershenfeld

As an immature, I bought few fancy equipment and tools that I haven’t used so far but realized my mistake later. That time I was not sure about whether I will be a hobby baker or will be a serious baker. At a baking tool shop, I was no more than a child standing at a fancy toy shop with the desire to buy everything. The funnier part was when the shop keeper made me feel that every tool is so very important and I can’t bake without them.

It is so difficult to use your judgement of what to buy and what not when you have such pushy shopkeepers. Thanks to online shopping, especially Amazon, I don’t have to deal with those shopkeepers any more.

Must to have tools for baking

Few months later, I opted baking as my full time profession. I found few tools in my drawer not of my use and few tools that I need to buy. It was then, I felt the need of a consolidated “must to have tool list for baking”. A list of tools for baking that can guide a newbie in what tools to buy and what to avoid. And believe me, you don’t need to buy all the tools that people have been telling you to buy. With all the experience I have in baking, I have penned down the “Must Have” tools for baking.

I have even made it much easier for you to buy them. Click on the tool name and it will take you to the recommended product on Amazon. No more pushy shopkeepers and false products.


The most essential part of baking is oven. My passion on baking only blossomed after I bought an oven for myself.  I know few recipes of cakes that you can bake on gas stove but to get a perfect bake, you should have an oven. In market you will get variety of ovens and all work differently.

I recommend Morphy Richard from my experience and fully satisfied with its performance. Based upon your needs you can decide the size of your oven. For a family of 3-4 people and a bake a day, the 28L is a perfect choice. If you are a family of 5 or more you might like to adopt a 40L oven. If you are a professional baker then I would recommend you to go for above 40L only.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

You need them to measure dry and wet ingredients. Dry and wet ingredients weigh different and I have covered this in detail in the conversion table. Use correct measurement to reduce your chances of failure with a recipe. These tools for baking might look small, but are quite useful. Use measuring cups and spoons with sturdy handles and easy to read measurements.

Weighing Scale

I can only say one thing for it “Go for it”. Read my article on conversion table, and you will know why I recommend this to be a must to have tool. Wrong measurements can completely spoil your time, effort, ingredients, and outcome of the baked product.


Stirring, mixing, scrapping or spreading, spatulas do wonders. Good quality silicon spatula can make many things easy for you when it comes to baking or cooking. What you need consider while selecting an ideal spatula for yourself is the size of the handle of spatula. An ideal size is between 9” to 12”.

Baking Trays

To start with 1 or at most 2 baking trays are more than enough. Use the heavy bottom trays. The heavy duty trays ensure the even distribution of the temperature and even baking. Whereas, the low quality tins and trays does not give even baking.

Cooling Racks

Almost every recipe demand to cool the baked goodies as soon as they are out of oven on a wired rack. You might have one or two available if you have been grilling in your microwave. Whether you pre-own a cooling rack or not, you cannot live without this tool. If you don’t allow your baked goodies to cool down on a wired rack, you are risking your baked items to become soggy. I have seen a few people striking this off from the list of tools for baking. My suggestion, don’t underestimate the need of a cooling rack.

Parchment Paper

It prevents your baked goodies sticking to the walls or bottom of the pan. I always keep rolls of parchment paper in stock with me. Again quality matters a most. Parchment paper of low quality might be a relief to your pocket but they will affect your baked items. Be wise in selecting a good parchment paper.


It’s a general tool that one might get in every kitchen. If you are a hobby baker and bakes occasionally then use the regular whisker. But if you like to whisk cream for cakes etc., opting for electric whisker might become important. Think of the speed and power that you get from an electronic whisker.  It takes 15 minutes to whisk cream with an electronic whisker. For people who like to frost cakes, electronic whisker will be an important tool.


It’s very much important to sift your dry ingredients before to use. It aerates the dry ingredients and helps to remove any kind of unwanted particles. You can use your regular sieve made of plastic or metal, for this purpose or if you want then you can go for few fancy ones.


Pastry brush or silicon brushes play a major role in baking. These help you in milk wash, Egg wash, Water wash and applying butter or oil without making any mess. I would recommend to use silicon brushes. You can use silicon brushes at any temperature and these are easy to maintain.

Baking Pans/Tins

Baking pan or cake pans are available in many shapes and sizes. These are available in silicon, aluminium, glass and non-stick coating. Just like the baking trays, it is always advisable to use heavy duty pans. Selecting the right size of pan while following any recipe crucial. Otherwise, you need to adjust the baking time and temperature which is a complex process. To begin with buy one circular, one square and one rectangular shaped pan. Later on based upon your requirements, keep on adding.

Oven Thermometer

Every ovens behaves differently. It is very important to know your oven capabilities and limitations. With one of my oven, I have to keep 20 degrees more temperature to regular. Inaccurate temperature will either over bake or under bake your baked goodies. You would not prefer to lose your precious ingredients, efforts, and time invested. Oven thermometer can save you from a lot of such problems.

Rolling Pin

Indian kitchen are incomplete without a rolling pin. I had to buy a new one because the regular rolling pin I had, was of less width. Your rolling pin should be able to fully cover the width of the dough or icing sheet. This is the only deciding factor in whether to buy a new rolling pin or not. Ideally a rolling pin should be of about 18” to 24”

Mixing Bowls

These come in many shape, size, color and material. It is advisable to use food grade quality plastic bowls. You will have many such bowls in your kitchen and might not need to buy.

Palette Knife

It is a long, thin tool with round end. You need this for icing the cake, scrapping, leveling ingredients, spreading ingredients evenly. If you are the one who likes to eat cake frosted with cream, palette knife is must to have. Check my video recipe of cake decoration and understand why I call it important tool for cake makers. If cakes are not your priority, you can delay buying a palette knife.

Why I bought and suggest buying from Amazon is the flexibility of getting things replaced without any question asked. When I bought things from market shop, I used to go wrong in sizes and it was difficult to keep visit and replacing the items. Doing it by sitting at the comfort of home, I love it.

Let me know if you find this list useful. If you think I have missed some important tool and should be listed in the must to have list of tools for baking, please leave a note in the comment section. I read all the messages personally and will add your suggestion in the list.


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