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About Sonia Gupta

I am a Food Blogger currently living in Pune, India. I started my blogging journey in 2016. My interests range from Photography to entrepreneurship. I am also a home baker and conduct baking workshops. Through my workshops I help home makers become home bakers. In my food blog, I write mostly about healthy baking recipes.

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I am a mother of a 10 year child Garv and married to a wonderful human being, Amit Gupta. I was born and brought up in a small town of Punjab known as Barnala. Currently I live in Pune, a city known for its beautiful weather and amazing weekend gateways.

About Sonia Gupta

Cooking was never in my “To do list”. I stepped into kitchen for the first time only after my marriage. I feel fortunate enough to be in a family which never judged me on the bases of my culinary skills. With the help and support of my both Mothers, I learnt basics of cooking.

“The belly rules the mind” – Spanish Proverb

I belong to a family of foodies so to keep all of them happy, I had to enhance my culinary skills. That was the major motivational force for me to start my journey in culinary world.

“I chased my heart that led me to kitchen”

The learning curve

I started reading recipes and started following a few food blogs. After reading a new recipe, I will start my experiment with the recipe without sticking to them step by step. More I was into experimenting, more I started falling for cooking. Then “Baking Bug” bite me and I completely get into baking.

  “Good food is like great sex. The more you have the more you want” – Gale Greene

More often I started getting “demand list” from friends and family to bake for them. One fine day my husband asked me to start my blog and compile all my recipes. For a person like me, away from technology, this was a huge mammoth task. He was serious and before I could do anything, he created a blog and finalized almost everything about it. This is how “Sonlicious” came into existence.

“Great food was my family’s weakness, I made it my strength”

My food blog Sonlicious is a humble attempt to share my passion for baking through my recipes. You will find a variety of recipes on my blog. Each recipe is a tried and tested in my own kitchen. I have tried to keep the recipes as healthy as possible. My recipes will ensure that you and your family are eating healthy and staying healthy.

Iwantthatmomma, a leading online portal about kids and moms recently featured me on their blog. My sincere thanks to them for appreciating my work.
I have recently opened my YouTube channel and post my video recipes. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave a comment for any suggestions you might have for me.
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