Sonia Gupta

 Meet Sonia Gupta – Face behind Sonlicious

My name is Sonia Gupta and I am the person behind this healthy baking blog. Things that start with alphabet B, plays significant role in my life. Whether its Baking, Beaches or my Boy Garv. If I am not busy with my Ladoo (my kid), I am either baking or thinking about my next baking project.

The aromatic bakes drives me crazy. Hence I continue to bake to ensure the aroma is always present in the house.

The first thing my ladoo ask me after he comes out of his bed in the morning is “what’s cooking for his breakfast and tiffin”? I think Foodie will be an understatement for such family. He has a sweet tooth and that keeps me busy making muffins and cakes most of the time.

A worried mother of a foodie child wanted to ensure healthy eating habits for his child and that lead to the birth of Sonlicious. With my blog I encourage and spread awareness on healthy eating. In my recipes I try to see all possibilities of replacing or reducing the unhealthy ingredients with healthy ingredients.

Baking at home is not just a trend, but a must in today’s world. After all, we all want to eat fresh and chemical free baked goodies. My goal is to transform home makers into home bakers and to achieve this I conduct Healthy Baking Workshops. In my workshops, I impart every possible knowledge of how to bake healthy cakes, muffins, breads and cookies at home. At the end I help them with a lifelong skills of healthy eating.

I am an Entrepreneur and an Experimental Home Baker. Started as a novice and with my sheer passion of baking helped me become a wonderful home baker. I am a person, who has learned from her mistakes, grew with the support of her loved ones. Today, people love my easy bread baking recipes and training methods.

Except my kitchen (my baking den) you can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram