Eggless Vanilla Cake recipe without condensed milk

    Eggless Vanilla cake
    Eggless Vanilla cake

    Vanilla cake is one of the most popular cakes around the world. And if you have and Eggless Vanilla Cake sponge with you, you can be creative and do many things to bring your creativity into reality.

    When I baked Vanilla cake a few days ago, my mother-in-law who does not eat eggs did not eat the cake. Looking at the reaction of others, who were enjoying the cake, my mother-in-law asked if I know how to make an eggless vanilla cake?

    Typically a Vanilla cake is baked using eggs. But the smell of eggs in cakes and other bakes irritates a lot of people. Those who have a strong nose to eggs, they can smell it even after the baked item has cooled down. Their alternative is to eat Eggless Vanilla Cake and this is what you are going to bake today.

    Video Recipe

    But the Bakery cakes and bread do not have that smell of eggs. Why? Simply because that they might not have used fresh eggs, instead they would have used egg powder. And that’s even worse according to me. In the process of making the powder out of an egg, it has to shed vitamins.

    I have used a combination of vinegar, milk and baking soda but there are flip sides to using vinegar. Vinegar may make the cake dry and there are a few people who do not like the smell of vinegar.

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    Moist Eggless Vanilla Cake Recipe

    Research is the backbone of an experiment

    The better the research the better will be the output of an experiment. I started reading eggless vanilla sponge cake recipes, but they were all using the condensed milk.

    Hard work does not go waste. My search headed me to an eggless vanilla cake recipe that used curd and baking soda. This was it. I got my formula to experiment with an eggless recipe for an eggless cake.

    My initial two attempts did not lead to successful results and made me think where I am going wrong. In both the attempt I got a sour cake with a prominent smell. After a deep dive into my recipe, I felt it is the curd that might be the culprit. I changed the 2 days old refrigerated curd with fresh curd and got one of the best eggless vanilla sponge cake.

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    Eggless cake recipe in Oven

    Generally, all cakes are made using eggs, because eggs provide the required softness to the cake and enhance its taste. Vegetarian people, for the reasons of eggs, avoid baking. If you follow my step by step recipe and ensure that Oven temperature is maintained, you will get your moist fluffy eggless cake and will never avoid baking yourself.

    Ingredients for Eggless Vanilla Cake

    Use Conversion Table to convert cups into grams

    I wanted a completely soft and spongy cake and for that, in this recipe, I have used All-Purpose flour and powdered white organic sugar. Remember to use only fresh curd/yogurt and milk for the recipe. I like to use flavorless oil in the recipe to avoid any alteration of the vanilla flavor of the recipe.


    In a bowl mix Curd, Oil, Sugar, Milk and Vanilla Essence.

    In a separate bowl mix Flour, Baking Powder, Baking Soda and salt altogether. Sift all the dry ingredients and mix into wet ingredients.

    Make a smooth batter. There should be no lumps.

    Eggless Vanilla Cake Batter

    Line a baking tin with parchment paper and pour the batter into it. I have used baking tin which is 8 inches in diameter.

    Now place this tin in a preheated oven at 180 degree Celsius for 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into it comes out clean.

    Eggless Vanilla Cake Baked

    Once done, take out the baking tin and let it rest for 5 minutes and then de-mould the cake and serve.

    Eggless Vanilla Cake Texture

    This is my no fail recipe and I mostly use this spongy cake as a base for my fresh cream cakes. Watch the video to see how I made a birthday cake using this eggless vanilla cake sponge.

    Cake Frosting Video

    Calories Count in Eggless Vanilla Cake

    Total Calories 2071.8
    Servings 8 Slices
    Calories per Serving 258.97

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    Eggless Vanilla Cake recipe without condensed milk | Vanilla Cake Base Yum
    Course Dessert
    Cuisine Baked
    Prep Time 10 minutes
    Cook Time 25 minutes
    Course Dessert
    Cuisine Baked
    Prep Time 10 minutes
    Cook Time 25 minutes
    1. In a bowl mix Curd, Oil, Sugar, Milk and Vanilla Essence.
    2. In a separate bowl mix Flour, Baking Powder, Baking Soda and salt altogether.
    3. Sift all the dry ingredients and mix into wet ingredients.
    4. Make a smooth batter. There should be no lumps.
    5. Line a baking tin with parchment paper and pour the batter into it. I have used baking tin which is 8 inches in diameter.
    6. Now place this tin in a preheated oven at 180 degree Celsius for 25 minutes or until toothpick inserted into it comes out clean.
    7. Once done, take out the baking tin and let it rest for 5 minutes.
    8. Now de-mould the cake and serve.
    Recipe Notes
    • You can bake this cake in a pressure cooker as well. As shown in the picture, put some salt in the cooker base and place a stand on it. Now you can place your baking tin on the stand and close the lid of Pressure cooker. Don’t forget to remove the whistle. Bake this cake on a medium flame for 30-35 minutes.

    Idli Maker Inside
    Idli Maker Inside

    • Amount of milk suggested in the recipe is 180 ml. However you can increase or reduce the amount based upon quality of flour you are using. Every flour has different absorption capacity.
    • To add tutti frutti into this cake, toss the tutti frutti with one table spoon of all purpose flour and add to the batter.

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    Some of the Tools and Ingredients used in this recipe

    8” Cake Pan | Parchment Paper | Oven | Cake Turn Table | Nozzles | Palette Knife

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      • Surbhi, you may use whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour, but you would like to be mindful of the fact that the liquid content needs to be increased accordingly.

        – Sonia

    1. Hi,

      I tried to bake the cake in convection microwave at 160C but it is burnt from top and the batter at the bottom is still uncooked.. can u please help me where I am going wrong…

      • Are you sure you used the convection mode? In convection mode at 160C, the cake should not burn. If you used convection mode and got your cake spoiled, you may want to get your microwave serviced.


          • Hi Palak,
            If you cannot use aluminium or steel utensils in microwave and you cannot use plastic utensils in convection mode. So if your plastic utensil melted, it means you were using the convection mode, however I have never heard a cake burning at 160C on convection mode.
            You may like to call the company folks and take a free demo of how to use your equipment. Alternatively, there will be many videos pertaining to your brand and model of microwave and you might like to refer to them as well.


    2. Hi Sonia I have tried your recipes before and they come out well. If I want to bake a smaller cake say 6 inches how to reduce the quantity . Please help

    3. Thanks for the recipe mam..I have a query. Everytime I bake an eggless vanilla cake, the inside of my cake turns brown. What am I doing wrong? While baking do I need to keep both the rods on or just the lower rod? Some people suggest for just the lower rod. Am confused.

      • Hello Bhawana,

        First thing first, the inside can go brown because of the vanilla extract. Try using a better quality vanilla extract and see if the problem repeats.
        Secondly, It is always advisable to use only lower rod while baking the cake. However, if you have a convection OTG, it might not matter that much, because the fan in the oven ensure even temperature.

        Hope this helps

          • Hello Bhawana,

            Vanilla extract is the complete spectrum of oils, aromas and flavor compounds naturally found in real vanilla beans presented in a solution of alcohol and water. It is much richer in taste and fragrance compared with ‘vanilla essence’ or ‘imitation vanilla’ which only contains synthetically derived ‘vanillin’ hence the lack of diverse flavors.

            Having said that, vanilla essence or extract should not change the texture of your cake. If you want to use vanilla essence, just check the brand quality and you should be fine.


    4. Hello dear…. Thnx for sharing the recipe…I tried just now…. When my cake was in oven it rised very well…With little cracks on top… After 35 min i make a skewer test and it came out clean… So I switched off the oven and then also my cake was in oven for 5 min …. But it sinked from all sides and became dense …. Where I did wrong… I faced this problem for first time….Feeling depressed….??

    5. Hi Sonia , been following ur blog regularly…can i replace yoghurt with eggs in the recipe …and also to convert into choco cake can i replace some amount of maida APF with cocoa ? Thanks 🙂

      • Hi Divya,

        First of all my sincere thanks for liking my work. Highly appreciate your appreciation.
        Secondly, yes you can replace yogurt (1/2 cup of yogurt with 2 eggs). Also when you replace APF with cocoa, remember to balance the equation. For example replace 2 tbs of APF with 2 tbs of Cocoa.

        Hope this helps

    6. Ms. Gupta,

      Thanks for the wonderful recipes. I have tried your whole wheat eggless muffins and they came out absolutely spongy and tasty in the first try itself. Since there is no facility to upload the pictures on tis website, i was unable to send them to you.

      I have two questions for this cake recipe. Since i avoid all purpose flour and use only whole wheat flour and also the oil i use is Olive Oil, the combination makes the outcome pretty dense with a strong flavour. In this recipe 1) Can i replace all purpose flour with the whole wheat flour and 2) Can i replace the olive oil with Rice Barn Oil or use olive oil and add orange juice to neutralise the flavour?

      Moreover, i use a convection oven and not an OTG. So i guess i need to reduce the timing by 05 minutes or reduce the temperature by a couple of degrees if i bake it for 30 minutes?. Thanks.

      • Hello Kulin,
        Thanks for your feedback and appreciation. I recommend you liking our Facebook Page: and please share the pictures of your muffins. I would really appreciate that.

        For Vanilla Cake Recipe: Yes you can use 100% whole wheat flour and use Rice Bran oil or sunflower oil. Because you are using 100% wheat flour, please add 1/4 cup of additional liquid content (milk/curd/orange juice). Ideally, you should not have a strong flavor of wheat because vanilla essence should mask it.

        do not change the timing of baking, however reduce the temperature to 160 degree Celsius.

        Let me know if I could be of more assistance.

        • Ms. Gupta,

          Thanks for your valuable advice.

          I did bake the cake today and it turned out good. I baked it at 180 degrees for 10 minutes and 160 degrees for 25 minutes. However, after the 30th minute, some cracks developed on the top portion only. Does it usually happen in a whole wheat flour cake? Or is there some flaw which i need to correct ? I tried logging on to your fb page through the link you have mentioned above, but i received the reply that the page isn’t available, so i cant send you the pics of the cake.

          Anyways, thanks a lot for the recipe, and i got the point that baking soda when reacts with acidic structure, it does help in leavening. However, i would like to know if instead of curd, can we make corn starch(cornflour in India) and baking soda react to provide the leavening and binding.


          • Hi Kulin,

            Thanks for your detailed message and apologies if I had a wrong link for you earlier. The link to my FB Page is :
            and for the FB Group the link is :

            Ok coming back to the cracks on the cake. The cracks can happen because of two reasons:
            1. Wrong baking tin size. The recipe calls for a 8″ cake tin, if you are using a smaller tin, the cake might crack from the top.
            2. Uneven temperature in the oven. Uneven temperature might bake the corners first and the cake might crack.

            Uneven Temperature could be because:
            1. Frequently opening the oven door while the baking is on.
            2. The oven was too hot when you kept your cake for baking
            4. Oven malfunctioning.

            About Baking soda and cornstarch combination, I would advise to use vinegar + milk instead of curd.


    7. Hi Sonia,

      Thank you for this lovely recipe.. I tried it and it tasted good, soft and spongy. However, the colour of the cake wasn’t white but more yellow.. I used oil.. Any idea??

      • Hi Shaila,

        If you haven’t added anything else that could change the color of the cake, then the culprit could only be oil. May be the oil you are using has a base color that is yellow..


      • Hi Renu, the measurements mentioned produces a cake of 1 pound. Now you can increase and decrease the ingredients quantity to make a cake of required size.

        Hope this helps

      • Dear Rama,

        The purpose to add salt in cake or muffin batter is to enhance the flavor of all other ingredients.

        It is an eggless cake but to make it more soft, spongy and light, I have used double quantity of baking soda as compare to baking powder. When soda and curd will combine, they will react and give rise to the cake.

        Hope this helps.

      • Hello Taranjot,

        If your question is whether to mix sugar with the wet ingredients or with dry ingredients then the answer is wet ingredients. You mix oil, milk, curd and sugar all together.


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