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Bread is a food item that is a part of our daily eating. Everybody would have read about the criticism about the chemicals and preservatives getting used in market baked products. However, the choices are very limited when we buy from market. One must check the ingredients before buying.

The choice is to bake completely chemical free and preservative free bread at the comfort of your home. After all, it’s your family, their health is your primary concern. Read my article on why we all should bake at home.

Pune Baking Workshops

My Pune baking workshops are complete hands-on baking classes. The classes give you complete hands-on experience in Kneading, Scoring, Shaping and Baking.

What do you get in my Baking Workshops

  • Knowledge of bread baking from basic day to day bread to a few exotic bread.
  • Knowledge and confidence to start baking fresh and healthy bread for your family.
  • Access to Sonlicious group to ask your queries during your baking practice at home.
  • A box of goodies of your bakes.

Who can learn Baking?

  • Kids, Adults, Males, Females, just about anyone.
  • You don’t need prior baking experience. You will learn baking from scratch.

At the end of the workshop you will know

  • How to knead dough for different bread
  • How to shape the different type of bread and shaping techniques.
  • Understand the proofing concept.
  • Baking with OTG and tips to handle baking with Convection Microwave.
  • And a lot of baking hacks.



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