Ingredients Conversion table

Conversion table and its importance

Measuring your ingredients into grams and liters or milliliters is always more accurate way to cook or bake something. Even if you are using standard cups to measure, then also weight of different ingredients will be different. For example, 1 cup of Whole wheat flour can’t be same as 1 cup of butter. So such difference in measurements can lead to a disaster when it comes to cooking and baking at home.

Have you ever noticed the measuring cups for dry and liquid ingredients? They are different. Notice that for dry ingredients the cups are supposed to be filled till the top and then the access you just shake off to level the dry ingredient, whereas for measuring liquids there is always a spout in the measuring cups. You measure liquids by filling the cup to the spout level. Wrong measurements of the ingredients, most of the time, is the reason of the failure of your recipe.

Whenever I write a recipe, I always try to make it as easy and simple as possible for my readers. When I was going through with a few of old comments on my blog, I realized many people gets confused when it comes to conversion of cups into grams or liters. As a food blogger, I thought to compile this all information at one place and then share it with all my reader to help them further. But the thought itself was not enough. It need a lot of research and a well displayed table that makes it easy even for a novice to understand conversations.

How to read the conversion table

In my post, I have tried to mention each and every possible way to measure or convert between cups, grams and liters. While following any recipe, don’t mix grams and liters, they are not interchangeable. Conversions are approximate and have been rounded up or down. Follow one set of measurements only.

To be more accurate, I measured all those ingredients individually in my kitchen and based my results on those calculations. My recommendation to all of you is to buy a portable kitchen weighing scale. I had bought Bulfyss Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing scale and it solves a lot of my hassle. I have shared the link for you, if you like to buy the same scale for yourself.

Conversion table for temperature

When we are talking about the conversation table or the ingredients, it also becomes important for people to know the temperature conversion. Just so you know, any baked item, if baked at a wrong temperature, can make your bake uncooked or overcooked. In each of the condition the baked item is not edible any more.

In the table below, I have mentioned conversion of temperature in different units for different combinations. Hope this will help you all.

Oven Temperature Conversion

Your suggestions and feedback will help me improve this article on regular basis. Let me know what all ingredients conversion you would like to see here.


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