Colorful Bread Half Sliced

Colorful bread will be an exciting thing for children’s, isn’t it? Ever since I started baking bread, I wondered if we can make my bread colorful instead of peaceful white every time.

White to Colorful Bread

I was using vegetables, sauces etc. to bring color to my bread. Then I thought, why not to add colors directly to the loaf?

I started searching recipes for colorful bread and most of the recipes were of rainbow bread that used plenty of gel colors. I wanted to prohibit the usage of gel colors. According to me, gel colors are not too good for health.Though the bread has great visual appeal, but what’s the use if they are affecting the body system.

How did I color my bread?

There were two different alternatives, I could think of. First, I could have extracted the juice of some vegetable, for example, spinach, carrot, or beet root. Instead of using water to make the dough, I could have used the extract of the vegetable to knead the dough and the bread would acquire color from the vegetable extract. The idea is nice, lemmatise yourself to a single color of bread. If you need a recipe that helps you in making your child eat vegetables in a delicious way, try spicy semolina cake and the whole wheat burgers.

The second option was to use food grade color in limited quality. This option helped me add a variety of color without changing the taste of a basic bread. I got the idea of my colorful bread and the result is in front of you.

I have experimented with many types of bread. You will love my recipes of different type of bread.

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