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Homemade Death Chocolate Cake – Moist and Eggless

Homemade Death Chocolate Cake
A few day back I shared my Death by Chocolate cake recipe which was my dedication to the Valentines week. I had used eggs in that amazing chocolate cake recipe. However, as anticipated and per the theme of my blog, many requested for a moist eggless homemade death chocolate cake recipe. Never knew that the volume of request will...

Homemade Death by Chocolate Cake

Death by chocolate cake
This is my special for the day of Romance that we name as Valentine’s Day, Death by Chocolate Cake. Valentine’s Day used to be extremely popular among youngsters, but now it’s all over. People exchange gifts, flowers, cards, and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Chocolate, Valentine, and Love is a perfect love triangle. There is no better way to express your...

Orange Carrot Pastry with Cinnamon Sauce

Orange Carrot Pastry
Orange Carrot Pastry with Cinnamon Sauce, what does the name suggest? Ok well, let me tell you what went behind the scene. 3 days ago, I found an announcement of contest in Home Bakers Guild, one the most active Facebook group for foodies. I am not a contest person, but this contest was exciting. The participants were given a Mystery...

Dusk and Dawn Gateau – French Pastry Millefeuille

French Pastry Millefeuille
The design of this recipe is inspired by French pastry Millefeuille that consists layers of thin puff pastry and cream. The traditional Millefeuille has the basic flavors of vanilla and custard but the texture looks just so amazing. I named my recipe as Dusk and Dawn Gateau – Millefeuille. This exciting name was given by Gautam Mehra, my friend. The...

Healthy Zucchini Carrot Cake Recipe – Eggless and Whole Wheat

zucchini carrot cake
How do you feel when at 5:20 in the morning, you open your refrigerator only to find bits and pieces of vegetables, not enough to cook a dish? Terrible, isn’t it.  This wasn’t the first time, I finding myself in such situation. And my loving child came running, “Mamma, add some dessert in the tiffin, we have an event...

Healthy Chocolate Quinoa Brownies (Eggfree, Sugarfree and Gluten free)

Quinoa brownies
My husband goes crazy for chocolate walnut brownie and my kid is mad on Nutella brownie. Though I made the Nutella brownies with whole wheat, but the high sugar content of brownies always made me worried. Today, with Quinoa Brownies, we will change the way we have been talking about brownies. These quinoa chocolate brownies are completely egg free,...

Chocolate Semolina Cake Recipe

Chocolate Semolina Cake Recipe
Lately, a close friend requested me to bake a cake for her husband’s birthday. I hardly take orders but it’s impossible to refuse friends. After all, friends are for each other, isn’t it? The fun started when she listed down her requirements for the birthday cake. or  Her requirements were little like: It should be a chocolate cake Without eggs ...

Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake

Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake
or  My apologies to all those who have been continuously asking me for a chocolate cake eggless recipe.  Finally, I am here, with my no-fail, eggless whole wheat chocolate cake recipe. Interesting Fact: In 2012 the average chocolate per capita for an average Swiss citizen was 11.9kg. That’s almost eating 250 chocolates in one year. If you were looking for an...

How to make Malai Cake Recipe | Eggless Malai Cake recipe in Cooker

Malai Cake
Eggless Malai Cake recipe reminds me of my childhood. I have lots of memories related to malai cake. My mom used to make this recipe of malai cake for me and my sister. That was the time when oven was a luxury in homes. She used to bake this malai cake recipe in cooker (her old prestige cooker). The other...

Whole Wheat Coffee Date Cake

Coffee Date cake with whole wheat
Blindly in love coffee and date are known as a pair made in heaven. When you bind them together in a cake the marriage is called coffee date cake. In my today’s recipe, I have used the lovebirds, put them in a cake, but with a healthy twist. Between me and my wife, there is a never-ending conflict between tea...

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