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12 steps to develop early age Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits
Develop early ageHealthy Eating Habits Habit is the hardest thing to break. Most of the habits are formed during the childhood. As a parent it is really important to ensure that our kids adapt good habits. Healthy eating habits are important habits that a child must adopt. Because once they pick good habits, they will continue with them for their...

6 Female Food Bloggers who left their jobs and started blogging

Female Food Bloggers
The New Generation of Female Food Bloggers This article is dedicated to females who left their full time corporate jobs and took the courage to follow their dreams. These Female Food Bloggers started their food blogs to build their careers in blogging world. I also wrote about some amazing cake artists creating waves with their eye popping and lip smacking...

Cheesy Vegetarian Stromboli Recipe [Whole Wheat]

Sliced Vegetarian Stromboli
Vegetarian Stromboli Whole Wheat Vegetarian Stromboli recipe is a healthy twist to the regular Italian Stromboli recipe. This recipe is also known as Stromboli pizza. The first time I read this word, I had no idea what it would be. The name itself made me think of something complicated and I thought not to experiment. However, the element of curiosity to...

Wonderful Mom behind Ovenderful Mom : Simran Oberoi

Ovenderful Mom
Meet a self-taught baker, the Ovenderful Mom: Simran Oberoi Simran Oberoi, the Ovenderful Mom is not a new name to the Baking World. She was born and brought up in India’s capital under British Raj Kolkata (Calcutta). She is a mother of a 4 ½ year son and 2 canine (pets). Simran has stayed in many Indian cities before settling...

Reviews for Chokhi Dhani Pune [May 2017]

Chokhi Dhani Pune
Chokhi Dhani Pune Reviews Chokhi Dhani Pune, a Rajasthani themed place with a traditional touch. The moment you step in you get the feeling of being in a village of Rajasthan. Must say, the team has maintained it very well. Cleanliness and Hygiene 10 on 10. We visited Chokhi Dhani Pune location on a Monday and did not expect huge...

Healthy whole wheat Banana Muffins With Choco Chips [Eggless]

Whole Wheat Banana Muffins with chocolate chip
You got bananas that kids did not eat and they are now overripe. You wanted kids to eat bananas because of its health benefits, but kids won’t listen. That’s exactly what happened with me and that’s when the whole wheat banana muffins recipe came as a rescue. The nutritional values of overripe banana is equal to a regular banana. Find...

Whole Wheat Brownies [with Nutella and Almond]

Whole Wheat Brownies [with Nutella and Almond]
Whole Wheat Brownies Chewy whole wheat brownies with Nutella and Almond, the name describes it all. I have used whole wheat flour, brown sugar, almonds and Nutella for this recipe. Trust me, once you will bake it and taste it, you will never turn back. It’s healthier than all-purpose flour based brownie. I have used Nutella to drizzle the top. Nutella...

How to make Pav Bun step by step | Mumbai Ladi Pav Recipe

Ladi pav bun
Pav Bun or Ladi Pav Bun (laadi pav) is a palm size small round bread loaf. A perfectly bake Ladi Pav recipe is a soft, light, and spongy pav recipe. These were first introduced in India by Portuguese. The Pav bun recipe took its shape in Goa and then travelled to Mumbai. Since then pav bun became an integral...

Eggless Vanilla Cake recipe without condensed milk | Vanilla Cake Base

Eggless Vanilla cake
When I baked Vanilla cake a few days ago, my mother-in-law who does not eat eggs did not eat the cake. Looking at the reaction of other, who were enjoying the cake, my mother-in-law asked if I know how to make an eggless vanilla cake? I have made eggless chocolate cake earlier, so I knew that it is possible to...

Plattershare Feedback by Sonia Gupta

Plattershare Feedback
Connecting with Plattereshare FB has been connecting people since years. I am a part of Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community on FB owned by Simran Oberoi Multani. As usual, I was browsing the group, reading messages and recipes shared by other bakers and came across with Plattershare. I was impressed reading about Kirti and Ankush and what they are trying to...