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Dominos Style Whole Wheat Stuffed Garlic Bread

Whole Wheat Stuffed Garlic Bread
Whole Wheat Stuffed Garlic Bread Dominos garlic bread is a one of the most sellable item in Dominos. My Dominos style cheese garlic bread was a big success and I kept getting demands for bread on regular basis. Now that’s a lot of calories going into my family. I had to find a way to make this garlic bread a...

Homemade healthy breadsticks for soup

Healthy Breadsticks for soup
Healthy Breadsticks Mostly people do not associate breadsticks with a healthy food. Typically the nutritional value of breadsticks are fairly low. Some people do use sesame seeds but the amount of sesame seeds used in breadsticks are not significant to influence its nutritional values. I had all of this in my mind while I was planning to make breadsticks and...

Gluten Free Pure Semolina bread

Pure Semolina bread
100% Pure Semolina Bread Pure Semolina Bread is a pure marvel in itself. I have discussed the benefits of Durum Semolina flour bread in my earlier recipe and have discussed if semolina is healthy or not. You might like to read the other recipe to know more why and how semolina bread is healthy. Recipe for Semolina Bread The quest of trying...

Easy Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe

Eggless Chocolate Cake
Eggless Chocolate Cake It’s been a while I baked a cake and eggless chocolate cake has been there in my mind for quite some time. Eggless chocolate chip cake is something that is liked by people of all age groups. Few don’t even need a reason to grab it. Personally, I would never skip a chance to bake an egg...

Semolina bread with all-purpose and wheat flour

Semolina Bread mix Flour
What is Semolina? Semolina used in making Semolina bread is made from Durum wheat. It is a commercial wheat and is widely grown these days. Durum is a Latin word that means “hard”. Durum wheat is the hardest wheat within all available species of wheat. Semolina is the hard grain left after the milling of the wheat flour. People make pudding and rice...

Whole Wheat Bread By Tangzhong Method

Tangzhong method
What is Tangzhong Method? Chinese use Tangzhong Method to get softer, lighter and fluffier bread. These breads have long shelf life without using any chemical or preservatives. Japanese originally developed the Tangzhong method. It is also known as Tangzhong Roux or water roux method. In this method, we mix 1 part of the flour with 5 parts of water and make...

Fudgy Gooey American Walnut Brownie

Fudgy Gooey American Walnut Brownie Recipe
American Walnut Brownie An American Walnut Brownie is a pure delight to eat any time of a day. This rich and homemade American Walnut Brownie is an irresistible square baked dessert. My child has been asking for quite some time for some Brownies with walnuts on top. Diwali, you did not let me bake Diwali and guests kept me busy for quite some...

How to make Karachi Fruit Biscuits

Karachi Fruit Biscuits
Famous Karachi fruit biscuits Karachi fruit biscuits are a famous product of Hyderabad based Karachi Bakery. This bakery is highly famous of its Karachi Fruit Biscuits and Plum Cake. The bakery now has its presence in Mumbai and Dubai too. I know people die for Karachi bakery biscuits but we never really tried buying from nearby stores suspecting the authenticity...

Best Eggless Choco Chip Cookies

Choco Chip Cookies
Eggless Choco Chip Cookies The only way I could have made my elders eat choco chip cookies were to make them eggless. But if the egg is removed how do I bring fluffiness to the cookies? The bakes of this recipe are just too awesome and you will never realize that they are made without eggs. The cookie will be...

How to make delicious stuffed dinner rolls

Stuffed Dinner Rolls Feature
What is a Stuffed Dinner Roll? A Stuffed Dinner Roll is a round piece of bread with some stuffing filled inside the roll before it is baked. People consume these dinner rolls as a part of the meal. Stuffed dinner rolls and soup are great companions for dinner especially when you want to keep yourself light before sleeping. The freshness and taste of...



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