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Conversion Table – Cups to Grams to Litres

Ingredients Conversion table
Conversion table and its importance Measuring your ingredients into grams and liters or milliliters is always more accurate way to cook or bake something. Even if you are using standard cups to measure, then also weight of different ingredients will be different. For example, 1 cup of Whole wheat flour can’t be same as 1 cup of butter. So such...

Artisan French Bread Baguette Recipe

French Bread Baguette
History of French Bread Baguette French Bread Baguette is a long narrow loaf, which can be easily distinguished by its length and crispy crust. Before 1920, the word Baguette was not referred as a bread. This word is derived from the Italian word “bacchetta”, means wand or stick. Baguette is either a relatively single serving size or cut from a...

Top 10 baking books for beginners

Baking Books
Why you should read baking books? Reading Baking Books not only helps you with a step by step delicious baking recipe but also adds a lot of maturity to your bakes. I know many who read baking books and they feel like that they are reading a book of short stories. Each story is different from each other but carrying...

Best Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
Whole wheat vs all purpose flour pizza recipe Whole wheat pizza dough recipe is typically a difficult pizza recipe, rarely used in restaurants or pizza shops. All purpose flour is the choice of flour vs wheat flour. The all purpose flour yields a much softer and flexible dough than to wheat flour dough. This is the primary reason why many...

How to make cookies without oven or microwave

How to make cookies without oven or microwave
If you are thinking of how to make cookies without oven or microwave, my recipe is a perfect Cookies without oven recipe that you can bake in Idli maker Cookies without Oven - Eggless Cookies without oven or microwave - Wheat Flour, Melted Ghee, Powdered Sugar, Milk, Tutti Frutti, Aluminium Foil, Mix the whole wheat flour, sugar and tutti frutti...

My connection with passionate baking

Passionate Baking - Sonia Gupta
Morphy and Baking I wasn't into passionate baking in-fact baking was never on my list of TO DO TASK until I got my first Morphy Richard. I was far away from the kitchen before marriage, learned cooking from my mother-in-law. Sounds familiar, sure a story of many of us.  Like others, I (learn more about me) made uncountable mistakes but continued to learn. When...

Whole Wheat Carrot Date Muffins

Carrot Date Muffins
Carrot date muffins Carrot date muffins are one of the most amazing muffins I have made so far. My child has a sweet tooth. If I don’t keep a healthy sweet option at home, he will end up eating chocolate or candies. When I was making these carrot and date muffins, I wasn’t really sure about the outcome. The results...

Homemade Multigrain Sandwich Bread Recipe

Multigrain Sandwich Bread
I have had a few health conscious people asking me to share a Multigrain Sandwich bread recipe. I already have a 100% Semolina bread and a 100% Whole Wheat bread recipe for those who count on calories, however, it's time to share healthy multigrain bread recipe. Multigrain Sandwich Bread Nutritional details When it comes to the multigrain bread ingredients, the most...

Eggless Whole Wheat Vegan Banana Bread

Baked Vegan Banana Bread
Vegan Banana Bread My Vegan Banana Bread is a healthy banana bread recipe. This banana bread is light and moist and doesn’t make you feel dry while eating. This whole wheat banana bread will surprise you with its tenderness and health benefits. A vegan product does not carry an animal product or by-products. Further, the products must not be tested on animals....

Sweet Eggless Tutti Frutti Bread Recipe

Sweet Eggless Tutti Frutti Bread
Tutti Frutti Bread Recipe on Request Tutti Frutti bread is commonly used Pav for Bun Maska in Mumbai. This bread goes great with afternoon tea and morning breakfast. I had a special request from one of my blog visitor, Samreen, for the recipe of sweet Tutti Frutti bread. I am now obliged to provide the recipe and feeling happy to...

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