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Healthy Chocolate Quinoa Brownies (Eggfree, Sugarfree and Gluten free)

Quinoa brownies
My husband goes crazy for chocolate walnut brownie and my kid is mad on Nutella brownie. Though I made the Nutella brownies with whole wheat, but the high sugar content of brownies always made me worried. Today, with Quinoa Brownies, we will change the way we have been talking about brownies. These quinoa chocolate brownies are completely egg free,...

Hokkaido Milk Bread Recipe with Tangzhong method | #BreadBakers

Hokkaido Milk Bread
I was glad when Karen H Kerr decided the theme of breads with levain or tangzhong for October 2017. This was time to make hokkaido milk bread recipe with tangzhong. What is tagzhong? Is this what you just asked? Hang in, I will explain the tangzhong method a little later. Hokkaido milk bread recipe is a long pending recipe I was...

Recommended Must to have tools for baking

tools for baking
This article is a part a series called Baking Tutorials for Beginners Why should you bake at home Basic Baking Tools --> you are here Coming Soon Tools play an important role in Baking. As a beginner, it might be a complex for you to know all the essential tools for baking. When I started developing passion for baking, I...

Learn Baking Basics for Beginners | Beginners guide to Baking

Baking Basics
I started with zero knowledge on baking basics. The last 15 months were a game changer in my life. I had consumed myself for 4 years of works in the last 15 months. You will truly mistake me, if you count my experience to be 15 months. The journey started with learning the baking basics. I consumed information from...

The History of Baking | Baking and its importance to mankind

History of Baking
What is Baking? Baking is a form of cooking where you cook flour-based food under prolonged heating. Oven is generally used to bake food but there are a few other methods to bake food without an oven. Homestead Honey mentions a few ways of baking without oven. I experimented the baking without oven by baking cookies without oven. Bread is the...

Top 14 reasons why you should start baking at home

Baking at home
This article is a part a series called Baking Tutorials for Beginners Why should you bake at home --> you are here Basic Baking Tools Coming Soon What’s the point of baking at home? If this is what is spinning in your head, you must read the report form Centre for science and Environment (CSE) confirming the presence of possible cancer-causing...

Ragi Cookies with Jaggery | Ragi Biscuits without sugar | Nachani cookies

Ragi cookies with jaggery
Ragi Cookies with Jaggery Whether you call it finger millet, nachani or ragi, all means health. I am done with wheat cookies and oat cookies. I was contemplating to experiment with other flour or millets for my healthy cookies. Ragi cookies was there in my mind but it was just not happening. We got the complete body checkup done just a...

How to make Vada Pav at home | Stuffed Baked Vada Pav

Baked Vada Pav
Back in 2014, when we were moving to Pune, Amit was super excited. No, it was not the city, nor the people here. It was neither his new job, nor his new designation. It was the thought of eating vada pav daily. For the first few days, he went crazy for vada pavs. When I objected that it’s too...

Healthy Chocolate Semolina Cake Recipe with Step-by-Step Instructions

Chocolate Semolina Cake Recipe
Lately a close friend requested me to bake a cake for her husband’s birthday. I hardly take orders but it’s impossible to refuse friends. After all friends are for each other, isn’t it. The fun started when she listed down her requirements for the birthday cake. Her requirements were little like: It should be a chocolate cake Without eggs No...

Guest Post opportunities in Baking recipes | Food Guest Post

Guest Post
Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for Sonlicious. We welcome guest post from fellow food bloggers and food writers around the world who wish to showcase their talent to the world. Sonlicious is a blog completely focused on Healthy Baking. It is a community of food loving enthusiastic who love healthy baked goodies for themselves and...