Insight of Baking Book

Do you love baking and eating baked items? Are you afraid of baking at home, because you have baked in life? You want to start baking, but not sure what recipes you should start with? My Baking Book is for you.

Eggless Baking with Sonia Book

This Eggless Baking for Beginners eBook by Sonia Gupta is just what you need. The book hosts a set of 12 exotic recipes with step-by-step simple instructions that will set you up in just few minutes. In this book you will find recipes of Special Cookies, Exotic Tea Cakes, Popular Muffins and Breads.

The baking cookbook help you bake without using chemicals, preservatives, additives, taste enhancers and eggs. I am sure now you clearly understand the reason why I promote baking at home. Homemade baked items are always healthier then what you get in market. No more risking your loved one health.

Price: INR 99.00