Baking at home

Why did I start baking at home?

If your question is why you should start baking at home when everything is easily available in the market, then the answer is very simple. Just check the ingredients used in a bakery or a cake shop. I guarantee you will regret your decision of buying baked goodies from market.

A fine summer morning, I and my little one were buying groceries and my child saw a fancy looking cake packet and he desired to buy that. He had seen those TV commercials a thousand times where a kid becomes a superhero just by eating those cakes. Let alone the child, we adults gets influenced by such TV commercials. Not really sure why I wanted to say no to my child for the cake, and hence starting looking for reasons.

ChemicalsUse of Chemical additives in market baked products

When I checked the ingredients I was forced by my inner conscious to say hard No to my child. First of all, the cake was 3 months old. Do I really want my child to eat baked that old? Do I not wish him to eat something fresh? Secondly, cake was full of chemical additives, not at all good for human body. Since then I have a complete No to market baked items.

I am aware that the TV commercials will still disillusion us with their marketing strategy. But the fact is that no market baked item can be made without those harmful chemicals additives. There is a reason for it. It takes a lot of time to complete the supply chain cycle. There is something called production time. Then the product has to go into packaging, distribution channel in various states and cities, then to the store and then it comes to you. The product has to survive for that period and only chemicals can help. A chemical and preservative free baked item has a shelf life of 3-4 days and for cookies at max 15-20 days. I hope you now understand why the scientists in the bakery shops play with the chemicals and our health. After all they are working only for profits, not for keeping us healthy.


Ask yourself these questions?

Think of it, would you really eat a bread if you realize that the bread you are eating was prepared with eggs which were 30 days old, or may not have even used eggs but just egg powder to increase the life of bread? Would you like your child to eat a cookie which was made using synthetic butter flavor that has long shelf life? Would you prefer to eat a cake if you realize that the lemon drizzle cake was prepared with pasteurized lemon zest and not fresh lemon juice?

Say No

Say No to market baked goods

I am sure the answer to all of the above is NO. I also decided to say NO to buy breads, cakes, cookies and almost every baked item from market. Said NO to harmful chemicals and preservatives entering into my family member’s body. I decided to start baking at home and bake fresh and healthy for my family.

Benefits of baking at home


Health is foremost

There are mixed reviews about the health benefits of the baked goods and no point debating on it. However, if you substitute all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour and reduce the amount of cheese, butter and sugar, there is no comparison to baked goods. I have multiple healthy baked recipes that might be of your help, if you like to bake healthy. If you are the in the quest of avoiding fried stuff from your food, choose baking.

Ingredients Quality

Complete control on ingredients

When you bake at home, you know your ingredients and have complete control on them. What to avoid and what to include is completely on you. Moreover, you have complete control on finding a healthy alternate of the ingredient that you would like to avoid. This control on ingredient and their quantity is a powerful tool that ensures that your family member body system stays healthy and their immune is not altered.

Quality Control

Complete control on quality

As much as you will have the control on your ingredients, you will now have complete control on the quality. You can do a complete health check-up of your ingredients before mixing. You then have the ability to replace a filthy ingredient with a fresh ingredient. This is not the case with laboratories called bakeries. With your home baked goodies, you are always sure that you have used products which were within their best use period. While the quality of ingredients is highly important, you cannot neglect the quantity of the ingredients. Most of the time we are confused between cups vs grams vs milliliters. Refer to my conversation table and it will make your measurements more accurate.


Save Time

Saves a lot of time

Do you believe that when you need to eat something quickly, going out and eating saves time. I kind of disagree to this.  The idea of eating out and saving time has never worked me, except when I have compromised by eating junk. When you need something quick to eat, making something at home is always faster. The time spent on deciding what and where to eat, getting ready and driving to venue, ordering and waiting for the dish to be served is way more than the time spent on baking at home. What say?

Save Money

Saves a lot of money

No matter what, eating at home is almost 80% cheaper to eating outside. Think of a nice restaurant that you enjoy eating, love its ambience and its service. Now calculate the rent and maintenance of that ambience, service boys, the lightning and air-condition. Who is paying for all this? Aren’t you?

Quanity Control

Complete control on quantity you eat

Restaurants will have standard serving size, they will rather prefer to serve larger and charge you more than to serve less and bill you less. When you have the food on the table, you will not prefer to waste it for an obvious reason that you are paying for it. You tend to eat more than what you would otherwise. Eating at home does not come with all these challenges. Even if you have cooked more than required, you can always save it for later. And above all we must always remember “A family who eats together stays together”. Eat healthy, stay healthy and live longer.

Be Yourself

Connects you to yourself

Baking has that meditative quality. When your mind is completely focused on only one thing and nothing else passes your mind, that’s meditation. Baking at home does the same thing with you. Carefully look at somebody who is baking. They are just in themselves. I am sure now you know the reason of why bakers are happier than others.

“Baking helps lift my depression. It can’t cure it but it helps,” says John Whaite, 2012 winner of The Great British Bake Off. He was diagnosed with manic depression in 2005. Read this full news on BBC.

Extra Money

Additional Income Source

Your hard skills will excite people. They will earn a lot of social reputation and a capability of starting a secondary source of income. I know a lot of home baker who started baking at home for eating healthy but now makes their complete living by selling their baked goods. People love home baked goods as they rely on the quality and customization possibilities. I bet, everyone would love that additional source of income.

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